✂ DIY: High End Graphic Tees

✂ DIY: High End Graphic Tees

PEASE, PEASE, PEASEEEEEE read this!! You will save our time from typing 🙂 1. The magical paper I used to print the daisies are called IRON ON TRANSFER PAPER…

I have been loving the Phillip Lim print logo tees since they were previewed for Spring 13. I have been wanting to make a DIY video for these! These DIY Phil…
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  1. berriebarely says:

    @ΕλευθερίαΛημναίου I used acrylic paint, but I recommend fabric paint!

  2. berriebarely says:

    @Julie LeNgo You can get them from Micheals

  3. berriebarely says:

    @Hip Ngan Yes, but it will dry hard and crack. Why not try fabric paint? 

  4. berriebarely says:

    @Lyne Nguyen Please read the description :)

  5. berriebarely says:

    +Paulina Basek I used iron on transfer papers 🙂 

  6. berriebarely says:

    @chyna stamps yep!

  7. berriebarely says:

    @skittles littles Please check out the description :)

  8. berriebarely says:

    @Christy Cridlebaugh BEST TIP EVER. Can I copy and paste this to my
    description box just to help others? :)

  9. berriebarely says:

    @Jessica Burriss You can paint it if you want, but depends on what type of
    design you want. If you want a detailed and precise image, it will not be a
    good idea to paint (unless you’re confident you can do well). If you want
    simple images like shapes and letters, then paint would be a good idea. 

  10. Nora Schlegel says:

    The cross shirt would’ve look cute as a tee-shirt if you would’ve rolled up
    the sleeves. :)

  11. elena vukosavljevic says:

    You copied Bethany Mota!

  12. Myrna Ibrahim says:

    I’m shocked o.o you can make expensive looking things out of cheap clothes
    😀 Thanks my family is really cheap but you know this helps a lot :O

  13. berriebarely says:

    @Akorie Chan OH YEAHHHH I just noticed! >.<

  14. Nicole Cutie says:


  15. berriebarely says:

    @Sophia Maxim Please check out the description :)

  16. Cat Lopez says:

    please comment to me do you like cookies yes or no

  17. Aliah Dacillo says:

    what kind of paper did you use?

  18. Dajah Johnson says:

    Where did u get ur shirt from?

  19. PasterinaCafe says:

    Do you still do the #berriebarely recreation thing on instagram? ><

  20. Ione Sally says:

    We can use any kind of printer?

  21. Paradise Grier says:

    I love your DIYs so much!

  22. Lizeth Jimenez says:

    Can you wash it?

  23. Sam Su says:

    i have the same crown pen as you!

  24. Charlene Jo says:

    $29? It isn’t even that much!

  25. Cynthia Knable says:

    ima make the daisy shirt soon!! cant wait thanks for the great idea <3

  26. Mindy Kimrey says:

    New t-crafter here! <3 this! Thank you!

  27. Cinthya Perez says:

    Can you wash this?????

  28. Ann Le {Anneorshine} says:

    #DIY custom make your Tees into #cute crop tops! #Easy #Howto

  29. Aryanna Tan says:

    Hi I’m planning to give a pillow as a gift. But I want to put pictures on
    it. Can I use the same method?

  30. Sofia R says:

    Where can you buy those papers?

  31. April Diaz Serrano says:

    can I just cut fabric and iron it

  32. Hanah Kim says:

    I am doing this Christmas exchange with my friends, and wanted to make them
    shirts, but instead of buying iron on transfer sheets, im gonna do it this
    way instead!

  33. benazir ansari says:

    I cant find the song!

  34. Tessalia Aguilar says:

    Como encuentro ese papel en México? 

  35. Lizeth Jimenez says:

    Can I wash it?

  36. Alliyah Sandy says:

    what is the name of the song

  37. Kat R. S. says:

    Is it washable

  38. Emi fer says:


  39. Kim Thao says:

    Where do you buy the heatbond paper? 

  40. Marcia Argueta says:

    I love this video and it gives me a lot of really good ideas 

  41. Carina Carrera says:

    Is it sticky from both sides ?

  42. Sassy Nessa says:

    what’s the name of the paper? 

  43. chippy613 says:

    do you know what font style this is?

  44. Deborah Pulk says:

    Wow I love this idea and it is so easy to do

  45. Kathlene Lejano says:

    what’s that white sheet?

  46. Sebastian Edquid says:

    Omg. Whats the song??

  47. Severo Posa says:

    whats the song called the L O V E ? i cant find it pls

  48. Polina Tai says:

    Where did you buy your fabrics

  49. Brittany Natasha says:

    what glue did you use?
    and do u have another tutorial on making jusst the tank top?? 

  50. abigail kush says:

    Omg, this is an amazing idea and I LOVE it ! <3 Thanks ! 

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