10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

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Tony Giallonardo is founder of luxury menswear specialist OTTO in London’s Mayfair. He tells Elite Traveler about the shopping experience there and eight ite…

50 Responses to 10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

  1. BuzzFeedYellow says:

    What is the worst thing a guy could wear? 

  2. TheIamnotinsane says:

    I don’t get why people roll their sleeves up, hairy man parts are gross,
    but you can’t shave them, so just hide them.

  3. Edward Bliffin says:

    Yea…This is strictly for white guys

  4. Monte Fatuesi says:

    Oh, thank raptor Jesus!

    It’s usually jeans and a graphic tee for me, but I’d like to mix it up
    every now and then, I just don’t know how the hell to do it. Sucks when I
    walk into a store and a mannequin has *the* sweetest clothes, but when *I*
    try them out, I look like a freaking Picasso painting and I’m … uhh …
    too shy to ask the workers for assistance, hahahahaha. Also, it doesn’t
    help that I’m the sort of guy who prefers to walk in, grab what I need, and
    then gtfo.

  5. gruffalo25 says:

    Yeah… men don’t dress like this… boys dress like this

  6. marie torres says:

    guys can wear practically anything and look cute -.-

  7. Latte Punch says:

    The only style I wish would die for men is the baggy pants crap. Unless you
    are a 2 months old or have lived in the jungle your whole life thus not
    knowing what a belt is then you should know how to wear a pair of freaking
    News flash,despite what all those dumb rapper videos made you believe
    wearing your pants like that doesn’t make you look tough. It started in
    jail as a way other guys were forced to wear them so other men would know
    someone already claimed you as their sex toy. Your also pretty much telling
    any nearby rapists when your walking down the street that sees you in them
    that you’ve already done half the work of getting your clothes off for

  8. Sunnylucy says:

    My boyfriend dresses SO terrible and I can’t make him realize it >_<

  9. Mista says:


    also, argyle socks are for old men.

  10. Vieleicht Morgen says:

    lol i dont give a shit about fashion. But sadly for society this is of
    importance. I only own white socks because they do the same shit colored
    socks do (keep your feet warm), also i didnt know they are considered ugly.
    I have only one pair of cheap shoes (they do their job just fine). I ALWAYS
    wear jeans never other types of pants (always comfortable ones). Is it
    really that important? WE ARE MEN DAMN IT! WE ARE RATIONAL! WE ARE
    PRAGMATIC! Thats what makes us superior to women! Thats the reason MEN made

  11. Poke TV says:

    Please make a fashion video for skinny people/ fat people. I’m naturally
    skinny, I can’t gain weight without doing some chemical powder pill
    technique. I don’t know about everyone, but I feel really insecure when I
    wear just a shirt outside. I usually wear sweaters or something over. I’m
    not sure about using skinny jeans or not. Sometimes I see chunky average
    guys trying to wear skinny jeans, lol. 

  12. gatewaysolo104 says:

    this video makes me sick. men are not supposed to put this much thought
    into their outifts. Men wear nice looking, utilitarian clothes, not
    colorful eye sores

  13. Arturo Benitez says:

    Except if you are fat, if you are fat, you are fucked. 

  14. ook park says:

    i dressed poorly and noone paid attention to me. now that i dress well
    women actively despise me. 

  15. Andrew Combs says:

    Good video. I’m convinced I need to wear dress shoes today now. 

  16. prelynmax says:

    1:22 …and do you have the budget for all these shoes? I don’t.

  17. Chapa says:

    Wow those shorts look fucking stupid. This video was probably made by
    hipsters, gays, or gay hipsters.

  18. TheRomanRuler says:

    None of these matter really. I am so glad i am a man, there are 999 videos
    about girl`s problems. 

  19. Floyd Pinkmann says:

    Im not for white socks, but how exactly is argyle better? Nee nah nee nah,
    fashion police

  20. ChildOfTheSun32 says:

    Wait… I had to stop the video 30 seconds in and leave this comment. The
    shirt sleeve fold looks fucking awful. It looks like someone trying to
    hard, too rigid, no flow, no natural style to it… And it looks like he’s
    wearing a shirt with overly small sleeves.

  21. Typhus the Traveller says:

    Only gays and women wonder what to wear.

  22. theguyshadows says:

    If this BuzzFeed was around a lot more, then you wouldn’t get people
    complaining about BuzzFeed being feminazis.

  23. Maria Garcia says:

    I feel like some men try not to think about their sense of style because
    they’re scared to be considered less manly, but the truth is majority of
    women find a well dressed man really attractive.

  24. Omar Saleh says:

    Where to get these brown shoes? Anyone? 

  25. Jack The Demo Guy says:

    A Hipster’s Guide To Dressing

  26. gahloot says:

    All you people bitching about the price. have you ever gone shopping at
    Versace, Gucci, Dolce? Those places make his place look like the Goodwill
    store. You get what you pay for in life. Some people ca afford this, and
    buy without hesitation. If you can’t afford it, do the best you can. Just
    remember a thin person can make almost any suit look good, so try and stay
    thin. get a black suit, grey, blue, brown if you can. But everyone needs a
    black one. Get a couple jackets in the same color’s, and mix and match
    shirts, tie’s, jeans, dress slacks etc.. with them. Make sure your suit
    fits you correctly, and that the shirt sleeves aren’t to long, or short.
    Buy the best shoe’s you can afford. The first thing people that know look
    at is your shoe’s. Don’t wear shite looking watches. Match your socks to
    your pants or shoes, not any other part of clothing on your body. Get a
    couple nice belts in different color’s. Now go shop at discount outlets,
    and buy some designer clothing for a huge discount. Trust me when I say,
    you get what you pay for, but you can save on what you get, if you are

  27. Blake Canham-Bennett says:

    I don’t think I’d entirely agree with his eight items. Seems a little too
    modern to me. Suppose jeans are good if you plan on doing some kind of
    practical exercise or chore/work.

  28. Tommy Salvail says:

    I was like damn, gotta go there. Then i visited the Otto online store, the
    shoes he takes out (1300£) The cardigans he shows, cost 800-1000£, jeans
    300-500£, belt 300£, suit jacket 3500£, shirts 400-1500£ 8 items would cost
    me about 8000£
    But oh, the cut is so great. I guess im not a OTTO man

  29. slamdunktiger says:

    the items he lists are:

    1) jeans (Otto Jeans)
    2) beautiful cashmere sport jacket
    3) handmade shirt
    4) handmade shoes
    5) belt
    6) suit

  30. AwkwardThursdays says:

    For those counting, he lists 6 items…

  31. InspirationIsFree says:

    its cool and all but goddamn i just want a shirt. Do i really need to have
    lunch with them dudes for that?

  32. Todd Victorson says:

    If I ever win the lottery I’m heading for this store!!

  33. BetuUuUu says:

    I just found my perfect store

  34. Lieutenant 2000 says:

    This is real men fashion not that gay runway men fashion that looks so bad
    have any of you actually looked at the fashion my god, whats wrong with
    some people. The fashion on this video is timeless, suits a well fitted one
    and nice dress shirts are always in style with a nice well fitted classy
    shoe. I feel as though our generation forgot how to dress because of the
    gayness of today’s men fashion. Most of the good fashion in runways is not
    actually new they just brought out very old style’s from the past and
    modernized them a bit but no one is actually making new styles, it just god
    awful colors and wierd styles its more for upper class people to go and do
    something then actually wearing for everyday!

  35. Gencturk92 says:

    white suit with black shirt is the best 

  36. Matt McLane says:

    Can you really have a drink and eat in the store?

  37. Carl Gunnar Engeland Andersen says:

    Where can i find this background music??

  38. Patrick Bateman says:

    I really fit in the profile of the OTTO customer

  39. Fehad Bilgrami says:

    My kind of store

  40. David Klein says:

    I’m not feeling the burnished square-toed Double Monks he picked out.

    You can do something like this relatively cheaper with good quality items
    and not have to drop a few thousand or more.

    J.Crew Ludlow Sports Jacket – 200-300 (or less depending on sale)
    Bonobos Slim Fit Jeans – 80-200 (depending on sale)
    Tie Bar Pocket Square – 15-20
    Mora 2.0 Double Monks from Allen Edmonds – 200-300 (depending on sale)
    MTM OCBD from Kent Wang – 100-110

  41. bettytoo2 says:

    love all this man style

  42. Michael Muthurajah says:
  43. Jades says:

    Does anyone know what type of shoes those are at the 20 second mark?

  44. Mister Audrey says:

    I would never buy a pair of jeans that had skid-marks on them.

  45. victory01 says:

    Nice shoes.

  46. Christian Jeffress says:

    I wish I new about this place when I visited London some time ago, I would
    have loved to have a visit myself.

  47. mindcrime2010 says:

    I wanna work for this guy…so passionate!

  48. Neil Mcintosh says:

    I would add to this list a poket hankerchief and braces

  49. EliteTravelerTV says:

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