But there is a thing that’s far more shocking – your articles ARE producing a lot of cash. You devote a lot of time generating top quality content for your blog, and the undeniable realisation that you are struggling to earn a living from your writing has probably turned out to be a bit of a surprise to you. Merely not for YOU! . Every time you release material, mobs of wicked article thieves come crawling across the web focusing on only 1 thing – nicking your content! These despicable article-thieving scumbuckets come in a great many shapes and sizes, and go from the informal ‘cut-n-paste ‘ thieves to sophisticated web-based content operations. The only point that they share in common is they wish to steal YOUR stuff! . For what possible reason do folks filch your posts? Because it’s easier than creating their own posts! They repost your posts without permission, and stuff their site with Adsense, or crappy associate deals. How can you prevent this? Until fairly recently, it was impossible. And there’s the real problem – by ranking up above you with your own articles, these copyright infringers also happen to be pinching your traffic, and using it to earn money using your work. The good news today, is that now it is a simple procedure to boot these pathetic lousy lowlifes into touch once and for all – just put in BlogAvenger and observe the thieves run howling for cover! This fantastic new system will not only stop the infringers dead in their tracks, it’ll require them to literally supply you with free promotional articles on their blogs too! Take control and observe your revenues rocket! Discover how to copyright your blog instantly with BlogAvenger! BlogAvenger automatically watermarks all your local pictures, so even if a thief does purloin them, now they serve as dynamic adverts for YOUR blog! BlogAvenger reveals infringing sites no matter where they are on the internet, and immediately creates an official DMCA notice for you. With only a mouse click, you are now able to file that DMCA takedown notice on an infringer and her hosting company. BlogAvenger stops article thieves purloining entire posts thru your RSS feed. BlogAvenger also bans known scraper IP addresses, providing them with adverts for your website, in place of allowing them to scrape your brilliant material. From now onwards, the scrapers cannot steal your content, they instead provide YOU with unrestricted free advertising and backlinks on THEIR websites! . Unlike everything else available now, BlogAvenger does not require any reoccurring subscription payments, or fees per usage. For just one tiny payment your website is safe forever against all the copyright thieves who are currently making money from your work! No longer do you have to repeatedly pay Copyscape fees, or squander numerous hours of your valuable time tracking down thiefs and working out the proper way to file DMCAs against infringers – the software does everything for you at an incredibly low price. Become part of the ranks of folks that don’t have to stress about content scraping any more, and start to earn the profits you deserve from YOUR quality work! .

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