You spend a lot of effort and time creating fine quality material for your blog, and the undeniable fact that you are struggling to earn a living from your efforts has potentially come as a shock to you. But here is one simple fact that is even more shocking – your blog articles ARE generating lots of money. Every time you create posts, mobs of malicious copyright burglars come crawling across the web focusing on just one thing – stealing your content! These despicable article-stealing lowlifes come in a variety of chapes and sizes, and range from the casual ‘cut-n-paste ‘ merchants to classy software-based content scraping operations. The only factor that they share in common is that they need to steal YOUR posts! . For what possible reason do folk filch your material? Because it is always less expensive than creating their own posts! They re-use your articles without your permission, and load their pages with spam adverts, or bad associate offers. Bing is totally incapable of determining who essentially owns most articles, and the really annoying thing is that if you go seeking for your articles, usually you will find one of those content thiefs listed ABOVE you for your very own post! . And here’s your dilemma – by being ranked higher than you with your own content, these content thieves are also purloining your surfers, and using it to earn income using your hard work. How can you stop them? Until recently, it was impossible. The good news these days, is that now it is a simple course of action to throw these shabby scummy scumbags into touch forever – simply download BlogAvenger and observe the thiefs run hollering for cover! This wonderful new system won’t just stop the copyright thieves dead in their tracks, it will cause them to actually provide you with free advertising on their sites too! Turn it round and observe your profits rise! Learn how to copyright your blog instantly using BlogAvenger! . BlogAvenger prevents text theft, so informal cut-n-paste infringers usually go someplace else. BlogAvenger mechanically watermarks all your blog photographs, so regardless of whether a thief does filch them, they now behave as dynamic adverts for YOUR blog! BlogAvenger finds infringing websites no matter where they happen to be online, and immediately generates an official DMCA takedown notice for you. With just one click, you can now action that DMCA takedown notice on a thief and her webhost. From now onwards, the scrapers can not steal your posts, now they supply YOU with limitless free promos and back links on THEIR web sites! . BlogAvenger stops copyright thieves pinching entire posts thru your RSS feed. For one tiny charge your blog is shielded permanently against all of the copyright scrapers who are currently earning money from your work! No longer do you have to continually pay Copyscape costs, or squander innumerable days of your valuable time seeking out infringers and working out how to DMCA infringers – the software does everything for you at a wonderfully low price. We are so assured you are going to love BlogAvenger, we are ready to permit you to try it for seven days for a single $1!!! .

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