You expend a great deal of time and effort developing brilliant posts for your website, and the undeniable fact that you’re not managing to make money from your writing has doubtless turned out to be a bit of a kick in the teeth to you. But there’s a point that’s even more shocking – your posts ARE generating a lot of money. Just not for YOU! . Each time you write an article, crowds of vile content thieves come crawling across the web focusing on only 1 thing – pinching your content! These despicable article-stealing scumbuckets come in a great many shapes and sizes, and range all the way from the informal ‘cut and paste ‘ operators to classy software-based article scraping plants. The single thing that they share in common is they wish to pilfer YOUR content! . For what possible reason do people filch your material? Because it is less expensive than writing their own posts! They republish your posts without permission, and load up their site with ads, or crappy associate deals. The search engines are absolutely incapable of deciding upon who really wrote most content, and the really irritating thing is if you search for your posts, often you will find one of those content thiefs listed ABOVE you for your very own article! . And here’s the issue – by listing up above you with your own material, these content thieves also happen to be pinching your surfers, and employing it to earn income using your efforts. How is it possible stop them? Until recently, it was impossible. The good news now, is now it’s a easy process to throw these miserable scummy lowlifes into touch once and for all – merely put in BlogAvenger and watch the thiefs run howling for cover! This incredible new WordPress plugin will not only stop the content stealers dead in their tracks, it will require them to literally provide you with free advertising on their websites too! Turn the tables and see your revenues rise! Discover how to copyright a blog instantly with BlogAvenger! . With simply a click, you are now able to serve that DMCA takedown notice on a thief and his hosting company. BlogAvenger automatically watermarks every one of blog photographs, so even if a thief does purloin them, they behave as powerful adverts for YOUR site! BlogAvenger uncovers infringing websites no matter where they happen to be online, and automatically creates an official DMCA notice for you. BlogAvenger stops content thieves purloining entire articles through your RSS feeds. BlogAvenger can ban recognized content thief IP addresses, supplying them with adverts for your WordPress blog, rather than allowing them to scrape your brilliant posts. From this time on, the scrapers cannot steal your material, they instead give YOU unrestriced free ads and back links on THEIR sites! . For a single tiny payment your WordPress blog is protected forever against all the copyright scrapers who are presently earning money from your attempts! No longer do you have to continually pay Copyscape fees, or waste countless hours of your precious time tracking down thieves and working out the correct way to DMCA infringers – the plugin does the whole enchilada for you at a stupendously low price. Unlike everything else out there, BlogAvenger does not involve any repeating subscriptions, or costs per use. we are truly so assured you are going to adore BlogAvenger, we’re even ready to permit you to try it for seven days for only dollar!!! . Become part of the club of people who do not need to fret about copyright scraping any more, and start earning the money you should be making from YOUR brilliant blog posts! .

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