But there’s a point which is even more shocking – your blog posts ARE generating a lot of cash. You expend a large amount of time and effort making fine quality posts for your own blog, and the undeniable realisation that you’re failing to make a living from your writing has doubtless turned out to be a bit of a shock to you. But not for YOU! . Every time you release a post, hordes of wicked content thieves come crawling across the web focused on only one thing – nicking your content! These inhuman content-thieving scoundrels come in a great many shapes and sizes, and go from the casual ‘cut-n-paste ‘ merchants to sophisticated server-based article scraping plants. The one thing they have in common is they want to steal YOUR material! . For what possible reason would folks steal your articles? Because it is less expensive than creating their own content! They repost your material without permission, and load their pages with ads, or bad affiliate offers. Google is absolutely incapable of deciding who essentially created most articles, and the truly irritating thing is that if you go looking for your material, typically you’ll find one of those content thieves up ABOVE you for your very own content! . And here is your dilemma – by listing up above you with your own articles, these content thieves also happen to be purloining your surfers, and using it to make money using your work. How can you prevent this? Till just recently, you could not. The good news now, is now it is a simple process to punt these miserable scummy infringers into touch forever – merely download BlogAvenger and watch the infringers run hollering for the hills! This awesome new system will not only stop the copyright thieves dead in their tracks, it will force them to actually supply you with free ads on their websites instead! Turn it round and observe your earnings rocket! Find out how to copyright your blog using BlogAvenger! . BlogAvenger mechanically watermarks all your blog photographs, so regardless of if an infringer does purloin them, they act as strong adverts for YOUR WordPress blog! BlogAvenger finds infringing websites no matter where they happen to be on the internet, and automatically creates an official DMCA notice for you. BlogAvenger prevents text selection, so casual cut and paste thiefs typically go somewhere else. BlogAvenger stops article infringers pinching complete posts through your RSS feed. BlogAvenger also bans recognized scrapers, supplying them with adverts for your blog, instead of permitting them to scrape your precious material. From now onwards, the scrapers can’t thieve your posts, instead they provide YOU with limitless free ads and back links on THEIR sites! . Unlike the rest available, BlogAvenger doesn’t involve any repeating subscription payments, or fees per usage. For just one tiny charge your WordPress blog is shielded for all time against all the copyright infringers who are currently earning from your activities! No longer do you have to ceaselessly pay Copyscape costs, or use up innumerable days of your irreplaceable time tracking down infringers and understanding how to file a DMCA against infringers – the wordpress plugin does everything for you at a wonderfully low cost. we are truly so assured you are going to adore BlogAvenger, we’re even prepared to allow you to try it out for 7 days for only buck!! .

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