How To Pass Google

In case you are already a member of you don’t have to read this piece, you are already one of the lucky few marketers who are earning money online. If this is not the case, allow me to explain why your web promoting efforts aren’t generating results. That is really what it really is about, naturally, making money. The number one explanation why you aren’t earning is fairly easy. The Copyscape myth. Some of the people still think that your documents need to pass Copyscape. Nothing could be farther from the facts. Your documents really need to pass Google. After all, that is where your visitors are coming from search engines, not Copyscape. You have got to realize that Copyscape utilizes search engine results to determine if an article is similar to other articles. Search websites do NOT use Copyscape. You may be interested to know you can simply make absolutely anything ‘pass Copyscape ‘ just by misspelling each Third word. As Copyscape only works down to three word fragments, that will make the document seem unique. It is possible to get a similar effect by changing a single character in each 3rd word for it’s HTML equivalent. Naturally, material like that definitely WON’T pass Google, because to pass Google recently your article needs an extremely low incidence of syntax and miss-spellings, and has to be at least 30 percent unique. There’s just one content rewriter that may Pass Google – It creates unique legible error free variations of any English text you give it. is a web system, so there’s no virus-ridden software to download, and it only costs a surprisingly tiny amount. If you would like to pass Google, there really is only one choice, which is That’s why it is the content spinner of preference for all web selling professionals.

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