How to Turn a Cool Moment Into a #ShirtStorm

How to Turn a Cool Moment Into a #ShirtStorm
A T-shirt showing a spacecraft with a “My secret fort—no girls allowed” sign? An image of a female scientist with the text, “It's nice that you got a Ph.D., now make me a sandwich”? No, a colorful Hawaiian shirt on which, if you really looked—one …
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COOL THING WE WANT #452 | A “Crab Park” TShirt From Vancouver's Own
Located at the north end of Main Street where Gastown gets its feet wet with Railtown, Crab Park is a beauty. It's real name is actually Portside Park, and to be honest it's not really a park (it's more like a long-term loan by the Port Authority …
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I don't care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and
Yesterday the European Space Agency landed the Philae spacecraft on a comet, a powerful step forward for humanity and science alike. However, slightly before the big moment, coverage of the event reminded us how much progress remains to be …
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