Mens Fall OOTD | Mens Fashion 2014 | Mens Fall Essentials

Mens Fall OOTD | Mens Fashion 2014 | Mens Fall Essentials

Hey guys, here are the links to the outfit! Hope you enjoyed the look! 🙂 Its great for the fall season, layering is a must! – Forever 21 Sweater: http://goo…
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25 Responses to Mens Fall OOTD | Mens Fashion 2014 | Mens Fall Essentials

  1. que puto says:

    Nice outfit, but dont you think its a bit to much to wear something like
    this to school ? 

  2. TheGentlemansCove says:

    BEST. SHOES. EVER. Comfortable, perfectly crafted…beautiful shoes. Check
    them out. Decided to throw together a Fall OOTD video for some Fall
    inspiration! To get stuff from JackThreads, be sure to sign up with and get $5 free. Also, all
    links to the pieces are in the description. Have a good day guys, more to

  3. Mrs. RockKitty says:

    I was getting clothes from Yesstyle for a while but if you don’t get a
    bigger size they tend to run tight.

  4. Benedict Shawn says:

    Finally a decent YouTube channel specifically for gentleman menswear and

  5. Evelyn Garza says:

    You are so handsome. Probably the most handsome man ive seen to be honest.

  6. JukeTube says:

    Wait what age are you?

  7. Aja Nature says:

    I loved this video! You said you wore this to school, what do you study?
    (Sorry if you already answered this I’m new to your channel)

  8. Joey D says:

    Hey where did you those socks? I got a few from H&M but i want more

  9. TheSamRSS says:

    Hey man how tall are you?

  10. Choi Seung-hyun says:

    Ayeee yesstyle is the bomb 

  11. GendovCS says:

    My gf said that if she would ever leave me it would be for i lol

  12. ORION VALENCIA says:

    Love that cotton blazer man. On point (;

  13. pbure1 says:

    hey man, sorry for posting this question on your fashion video, but i just
    didnt know if i was gona get a reply bc your other video was from a while
    ago, so ive searched for days and hours for more info on TOBY ALDERWEIRELDS
    HAIR, and i cant find ANYTHING, i know you did a tutorial, but your hair
    wasnt exactly like his, ive searched and got 64 pics of his hair, but i
    really need to know what TOBYs length is and WHICH product he uses…. im
    almost tempted to travel to where he plays and just ask him straight up
    haha. ive saved several cool looking undercuts on my phone and hes #1 right
    now. thanks in advance

  14. Frederick Thompson says:

    Your videos are sweet. I’ve been looking all over for that blazer in Gray
    medium but can’t find it anywhere. On yesstyle it says almost all of them
    except black (s, m) are currently unavailable. Do they just put that when
    they need to re-stock it or would you guess that it’s just gone forever?
    Really digging that casual feel on a blazer like that. If you know of
    another place they sell it or where I can pick up something similiar that
    would be cool.

  15. zwarteklaas says:

    Hmmm that red and grey, love that cotton blazer.. Now I have to pick one up
    for myself.

  16. Amir Mostafa says:

    Really enjoying your videos and learning a lot from you. I’d say we have
    similar sense of style but getting good tips about mixing colours and
    patterns etc. Your channel is really helpful and the kind of channel that I
    know a lot of men are looking for. I live in Kuwait by the way and just
    wanted to let you know how far your channel reaches 😀 keep it up

  17. Nyaina Rafa says:

    OMG you’re so sexyyy !! How tall are you ?

  18. PrankOnYou says:

    Why the fuck am I barely finding out about this channel? Best channel on
    YouTube.. No homo but you’re good looking 

  19. Adam Berrington says:

    If a normal person wore this they wouldn’t look very good or stand out. He
    only looks so good as he is incredibly handsome and a beautiful man like
    literally he can probably wear anything and look amazing.

  20. Katherine Hernandez says:

    In all honesty, God took his time with you.

  21. Porthos So says:

    How do you make your hairstyle looks like the one at3:26,My hairstyle is
    pompadour too,but I just can’t creat that look,is that because my hair is
    too short?my hair is like about7-8cm at the top.

  22. georgina leon says:

    You are husband material ! Very stylish very handsome, i like it 😛 

  23. Mike Smith says:

    That blazer is awesome
    But that yes style website seems kinda sketchy 

  24. Michael Ortega says:

    SWEET STYLE mind if I copy u lol. Keep on making videos bro when u got
    time. :-)

  25. ZenHD says:

    Nice outfit! Perfect for a classy but laid back look. If I were to critique
    anything, it would be that I wouldn’t mix gold and silver jewelry but
    besides that great vid! I really do enjoy watching them! 

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