But there is one thing which is far more shocking – your articles ARE making a lot of cash. Merely not for YOU! . The one thing that they share in common is they need to steal YOUR material! . Whenever you upload material, hordes of wicked article thieves come crawling across the web focusing on only one thing – pinching your content! These inhuman content-thieving villains come in a great many shapes and sizes, and range all the way from the amateur ‘cut-and-paste ‘ operators to sophisticated web-based article scraping farms. For what reason do folk filch your content? Because it is easier than writing their own posts! They repost your material without permission, and load up their blogs with Adsense, or bad affiliate offers. The search engines are totally incapable of deciding upon who really created most posts, and the really irritating thing is that if you go looking for your articles, as a rule you’ll find one of those content thiefs up ABOVE you for your own article! . And here’s the problem – by ranking up above you using your own post, these copyright thieves are stealing your surfers, and using it to make money using your efforts. How are you able to stop this? Until recently, you could not. BlogAvenger automatically watermarks each and every one of local images, so regardless of whether a scraper does purloin them, now they act as powerful ads for YOUR WordPress blog! BlogAvenger reveals infringers no matter where they happen to be online, and instantly produces an official DMCA notice for you. The good news these days, is now it is a simple procedure to punt these pathetic thieving sneaks into touch once and for all – just install BlogAvenger and observe the thieves run hollering for the hills! This wonderful new WordPress plugin won’t only stop the content stealers dead in their tracks, it will require them to literally give you free adverts on their websites instead! Take control and see your earnings rise! Learn how to copyright your blog with BlogAvenger! BlogAvenger prevents text theft, so casual cut-n-paste infringers typically go someplace else. With merely a single click, you are now able to serve that DMCA takedown notice on a copyright thief and her hosting company. BlogAvenger stops copyright thieves pinching complete articles thru your RSS feeds. From now onwards, the infringers do not pinch your content, now they give YOU limitless free advertising and back-links on THEIR websites! . Unlike everything else available now, BlogAvenger doesn’t involve any reoccurring subscriptions, or costs per usage. For a single tiny charge your website is safe for all time against all of the copyright infringers who are at present earning from your activities! No longer will you have to ceaselessly pay Copyscape costs, or burn up countless days of your valuable time tracking down thiefs and working out the proper way to file a DMCA against infringers – the plugin does it all for you at a wonderfully low cost. Join the club of folks that don’t have to worry about article scrapers any longer, and begin to earn the income you deserve from YOUR hard blog articles! . We’re so confident you are going to love BlogAvenger, we are even ready to allow you to try it out for seven days for a tiny buck!! .

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