What Clothes Should a Guy Have? : Men’s Fashion & Modern Style

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50 Responses to What Clothes Should a Guy Have? : Men’s Fashion & Modern Style

  1. Trevor Rice says:

    that guy just showed up out of no where XD

  2. Lil Kim says:

    We are looking for versatile clothes that you can wear with everything so
    that you can get many different combinations out of them, so here are
    18283939 clothes that you must have.

  3. Ruige Chen says:

    These recommendations are low-key oriented and so traditional. 

  4. untseac says:

    These choices look so boring. They do make sense however.

  5. Trustin Christ says:

    Don’t forget the WORST look to avoid. This is for males of ALL ages, but
    ESPECIALLY those approaching 40 who think they’re hip. AVOID THE SKINNY
    JEANS. This is a NASTY fashion that shows off everything in all the wrong
    places. If men were meant to wear the clothes that Farrah Fawcett wore in
    Charlie’s Angels, they would have started a long time ago. Stop this
    catastrophe NOW!!

  6. Edward Thao says:

    Do you know any places I can find navy blazers? I only find really nice
    casual one but I want one like this vid where it’s not too casual but looks

  7. edgar1020ification says:

    If it’s cold enough to wear a sweater I wouldn’t go out in shorts, just

  8. Frans F says:

    This clip and all its comments are for US. And US citizens ONLY. Dont
    listen to any of this if you are from Europe. USA has its own “style”.
    Everything is “antifit” and way to big, there is nothing else in EU then
    what Americans call “skinny pants”…and no dont ever wear cowboyboots any
    other embarrasing clothing BIG American clothing in EU unless you are
    retarded or 10 years old…

  9. SilentMover95 says:

    his pocket square looks like he just stole some toilet papers from the
    public toilet

  10. sandrewmail says:

    This video was very informative! Thank you!

  11. f0rmaggi0 says:

    I have always heard a tie with a button down oxford collar is a faux pas.
    Guess not.

  12. Juan Paolo Liad says:


  13. Adam Hansen says:

    Suede tuxedo tassel loafers are a lifestyle… worth choosing

  14. shelleyinthecity says:

    As a girl, I would never look at a guy if he had on those red jeans with
    the white t-shirt with a jean jacket over it and black boots. Not exactly
    my cup of tea.

  15. macjal11 says:

    I don’t get what you are complaining about, it’s obvious that it’s for
    mature men (probably 30+), not for teenagers. 

  16. simon pascoe says:

    Shame he couldn’t do his tie up properly

  17. Bobany says:

    what the fuck does it mean that a cloth is CRISP? are u fucking dumb?

  18. tsohgallik says:

    It’s called tshirt and jeans… Suits and all this style faggotry is for
    interviews and cubicle work

  19. Biyi Akinpelu says:

    Interesting tips on what clothes guys should wear… now to get ready for
    the lovely formal event!

  20. Lord Nick says:

    No, no to rain coats..Ew

  21. handsofpaint777 says:

    I sure don’t want to buy all these clothes. Fuck that. 

  22. Awthomness says:

    I love these recommendations! The exact thing what I’m looking for thanks 

  23. 96gamemaster says:

    Someone can tell me where can i buy the denim shirt and jacket displayed on
    the video?

  24. TheSleathable says:

    don’t agree with the denim jacket/shirt as essential. although some guys
    suit them, they arent for everyone plus so common its the quickest way to
    blend in. leather jacket, blazer or trench coat instead of rain coat seems
    much cooler.

  25. FlashDwade18 says:

    4:53 where the fuck did that guy came from LOL

  26. Joseph Gonzalez says:

    Can his clothes be any smaller

  27. Selena M says:

    Love the denim and leather look!

  28. Dreky Bry says:

    Faggot do you even lift and your hairs shit too gelled

  29. mory tom says:

    Really hot! Today I see More T- Shirt Fashion on sunfrogshirts, get and
    shiping free :)

  30. FreshFlyTai says:

    Where did you get your leather jacket? 

  31. qvesst says:


  32. Neto Ponce says:

    Who cares,what faces he makes it his channel lol. If you don’t like then
    don’t watch. Easy as that.

  33. Austin Close says:

    I tried the white sweater w/ the flannel. So far people haven’t liked it
    and I live in Oregon. Lotta hipsters here. Idk but how do you find flannels
    that fit so tight? 

  34. Mike Seatow says:

    First few looks. “Selling dope at the mall.” Last few looks “Snatching
    purses and leaving da mall.” 

  35. John Anderson says:

    I am sorry that I wasted 25 sec watching this pish 

  36. Pinky Glitter says:


  37. TheToad says:

    how do u do your hair ?

  38. Twith aJ says:

    cool video, this helps

  39. KingKef says:

    No offense but you look like a girl. no masculinity at all, even with a
    leather jacket. But it’s only my opinion.

  40. kenji agustin says:

    i like that layer clothing….. i’ll gonna do that soon
    whoah…. just simple but pretty cool and awesome…

  41. naigail Gregory says:

    Fuck you model

  42. stephen albert says:

    Great vid bro! Nice work! 

  43. mgkeminem lilwayne says:

    nice work bro. keep em up… :D

  44. Morgan Rumford says:

    This guy is a fag

  45. Louis M says:

    holly molly..where did u get thoses cloth from?? 

  46. IHZRD FFA I says:

    Where do you get your clothing from?!?!

  47. monkeynicholas says:

    Thanks for the advice mate! Great vid!

  48. Elijah Robinson says:

    Where’d you get that leather jacket? The first one you used.

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