You devote a lot of effort developing superb content for your own WordPress site, and the undeniable realisation that you’re failing to earn money from your material has probably turned out to be a bit of a surprise to you. Merely not for YOU! . But there’s a thing which is far more shocking – your blog posts ARE generating a lot of cash. Every time you write posts, hordes of vile copyright burglars come crawling across the web focusing on only 1 thing – stealing your content! These evil content-thieving lowlifes come in a variety of chapes and sizes, and range all the way from the informal ‘cut and paste ‘ operators to sophisticated web-based content operations. The single factor that they have in common is they need to steal YOUR posts! . For what reason do people steal your material? Because it is less expensive than writing their own articles! They repost your articles without your consent, and load their blogs with adverts, or crappy associate deals. Search engines are absolutely incapable of deciding who really owns most content, and the really annoying thing is that if you search for your material, often you’ll find one of those content infringers listed ABOVE you for your very own material! . How is it possible stop them? Until fairly recently, it was impossible. And there is the complication – by ranking higher than you using your own posts, these content infringing scrapers are also stealing your visitors, and employing it to earn money at your expense. The good news these days, is now it is a simple procedure to punt these cheesy thieving sneaks into touch forever – just put in BlogAvenger and watch the infringers run howling for cover! This incredible new system will not only stop the content infringers dead in their tracks, it will cause them to actually provide you with free adverts on their websites instead! Turn it round and see your revenues rise! Find out how to protect your blog copyright instantly with BlogAvenger! . BlogAvenger prevents text theft, so amateur cut-n-paste thiefs often go some other place. BlogAvenger automatically watermarks all of your local images, so regardless of whether a thief does steal them, they serve as dynamic adverts for YOUR website! BlogAvenger unearths infringing websites no matter where they are online, and instantly produces an official DMCA takedown notice for you. With simply one mouse click, you now have the ability to serve that DMCA notice on a thief and his web host. BlogAvenger bans recognized content thief IP addresses, giving them advertisements for your WordPress blog, rather than allowing them to steal your brilliant content. BlogAvenger stops content infringers stealing complete posts through your RSS feeds. Unlike everything else available, BlogAvenger does not require any recurring subscriptions, or costs per use. we are truly so confident you are going to love BlogAvenger, we’re ready to allow you to try it for seven days for a tiny buck!! . For a single tiny sum your WordPress blog is protected permanently against all of the copyright infringers who are at present earning money from your writing! No longer do you have to continually pay Copyscape costs, or waste countless hours of your valuable time tracking down infringers and working out the proper way to file DMCAs against infringers – the software does the whole enchilada for you at an incredibly low price. Become part of the ranks of folks that do not need to fret about copyright infringement any longer, and start earning the cash you deserve from YOUR quality articles! .

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